RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) – A stockpile of chemical weapons has been stored here in Kentucky for decades.

Under a treaty known as the Chemical Weapon Convention, the stockpiles were ordered to be destroyed by September 2023.

Wednesday in Richmond, the Blue Grass Chemical Army Depot celebrated another milestone: the end of the VX Rocket Destruction Campaign.

VX rockets are weapons of mass destruction that were stockpiled across the United States, dating back to World War II and Korean War eras.

The Bluegrass Army Depot has now completed four of five chemical weapons destruction campaigns.

There were 17,500 VX rockets in Richmond, making it the last stockpile in the U.S.

“This is phenomenal. So we actually three years ago in the destruction process, but the planning started back in the late 90s for Kentucky. So as you can tell, for us to design the facility, construct it, test it to make sure it safely can operate, and then be able to operate the facility. So, it’s taken multiple decades to get to this point, so yes, this is a big hoorah to get to this point,” said Michael Abaie with the Program Executive Office, Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives (PEO ACWA).

The depot also completed previous campaigns destroying projectiles containing mustard, VX, and sarin gases.

In the next 30 days, the depot will get started on the final campaign to destroy the more than 51,000 sarin rockets remaining.