New program to provide financial support for Kentucky communities


LOUISA, Ky. (WOWK) — Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) Gives Back Program’s goal is to provide financial support to important local community efforts.

“Not only are we trying to make a difference in the addiction side of things, but we’re also trying to make an impact all throughout our communities…The ‘ARC Gives Back’ is a mini-grant fund that allows people in the community to apply for funds to support their local endeavors,” says Matt Brown, senior vice president of administration at Addiction Recovery Care.

Since March, when the program started, it has helped many in eastern Kentucky by awarding more than $3,000 dollars.

“We have given money to the local police department, we have given money to local sports leagues, and we have given money to local educational programs,” Brown says.

One of their latest recipients is the Louisa Police Department.

“I had applied for seven of these Garrett pro-pointers,” says Chief Greg Fugitt of the Louisa Police Department.

The department was awarded $800 dollars for the metal detectors.

“Each officer will have one, either on his person ’cause it comes with a belt holder, or they can keep it in their car…It helps us to search backpacks and purses and stuff like that, or even the person themselves for any dangerous instruments—weapons, or needles or anything like that,” Fugitt says.

The chief says the need for this item became clear after a recent incident:

“At the time when they started the program, I did have one officer that had got stuck with a needle, so it was fresh on my mind. And even though they have gloves to help prevent that, I thought well one more added extra thing isn’t going to hurt,” Fugitt says.

The program has centered around Lawrence and Martin Counties, but Brown says they have plans to expand.

“When a person is in addiction, it affects their entire life. Well, when there are multiple people addicted it affects a whole community. And we’re committed to giving back to the communities in which we serve. We’re in 20 counties across the state of Kentucky,” Brown says.

The program accepts applications from the 1st through the 14th of each month. Considerations for the next recipients then begin, and those are announced at the end of the month.

Applicants can apply via email to

For more information about Addiction Recovery Care, visit their website here.

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