Nicholas County on high alert ahead of potential flooding


CARLISLE, Ky. (FOX 56/WDKY) – Almost a month since major flooding hit Nicholas County, the community is once again on high alert ahead of more rain in the forecast.

The town prepared for the worst Tuesday as the remnants of Ida threatened Kentucky.

The town of Carlisle is already down major resources in general and the forecast has the community holding its breath. The town’s only grocery store is still closed, and they can’t do as much cleanup because of the impending weather.

“We have crews out that are checking all the storm drains from away from the houses,” said Carlisle Mayor Ronnie Clark. “Naturally we will keep an eye on it and if it does seem like it’s gonna be a situation where it raises, anybody that is in an existing home that was in the flood, we will be knocking on doors. Say ‘hey you need to keep a visual eye here and do everything we can to prepare in case it does go crazy again’ I guess.

Mayor Clark said the town will stay vigilant ahead of the storm and will continue to clean out creeks and storm drains.

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