LOUISVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – On Friday, rain and sunshine moved through Churchill Downs, and while that was changing around the clock, there was one theme that did not: the fashion.

The theme was to “Think Pink.”

The fillies were not the only ones in the spotlight on Oaks Day, but the men and women in their pink attire as well.

A fan, James Arnold wearing a pink jack said, “This is an Oaks Down jacket from DSL.”

Arnold is from St. Louis, and he along with so many men and women flying in from all over the country was rocking designer outfits and boutique gems.

“I do have to give a shoutout to the designer that dressed us, his name is Roy Southlake, Texas, with Czar, he’s amazing,” Gina Aliniz said.

However, not all the outfits are styled by official designers, including three gentlemen wearing matching cheetah suits.

“The women decided on date day they wanted to make us dress the same one night, and thought we’d be embarrassed so we decided to one-up them for the Derby,” Anthony Gizan said.

Colorful hats, dresses, tops, and bottoms, and Louisville locals like Ellis Tarver, welcome the versatility to their hometown.


“Every year it gets better,” Tarver said. “Because people learn more, and local people come so it’s a lot more interaction with people they don’t know so it’s an amazing time for everyone.”

The outfits aren’t finished without the necessary horse accouterments. One gentleman leaving the cigar bar took a puff and said, “It pairs well with a Mint julep and the Kentucky Derby. Completes the outfit.”

But the day isn’t truly complete until bets are wagered.

Danny Brewer, writer for HorseRacingScoop.com, said, “It’s like my slogan for my website is, ‘Back a horse and get paid.’ So ok, that’s what the object is.”

Of course, everyone is also wearing pink to support the women who have survived their treatment with breast cancer.

On Oaks Day, women who were nominated in the parade walked the turf of the racetrack with their plus ones, celebrating being survivors together.