Recent heavy rainfall leading many in Nicholas Co. to speculate causes of flash flooding


NICHOLAS COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – After devastating flash flooding swept through just over two weeks ago, parts of Carlisle were hit with more rounds of flash flooding this weekend and on Monday after heavy rain moved through.

This has led many in the community to speculate why it seems flooding is becoming more common, and the mayor says one reason could be due to the small creeks.

“Some have said ‘well it could be from the trees in the creeks that are holding the water back,’ could be. That’s an issue that state doesn’t want you in, a creek cleaning it out,” Carlisle Mayor Ronnie Clark said.

We’ve heard from several concerned community members saying the new U.S. Route 68 could be leading to some of these flash flooding issues. It was just completed last year, but when talking with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, they say this is likely not the case.

“We do make sure that we study the hydrology of the area, make sure that we’re not causing any drainage issues and that drainage is flowing the same way before and after the highway project,” KYTC spokesperson Allen Blair said.

So, what else could cause this high-water issue? Simply put, areas of Nicholas County have been experiencing well above average rainfall and even more frequent extreme rainfall events.

“Since Friday, parts of the county had almost six inches of rain. Doesn’t matter what the conditions are, six inches of rain in that short amount of time, you’re going to have flash flooding,” Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey said. “If we expand that back under three weeks until the end of July, parts of Nicholas County have had more than 10 inches of rain, or what they would normally get in a given summer.”

Mayor Clark says even while his city continues to clean up, he is grateful for the amount of support that organizations and even people from surrounding counties have given them in this recovery process.

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