LEXINGTON Ky. (FOX 56) — Rising gas prices are having a major impact on our wallets, with new ripple effects emerging every day. A perfect example is higher prices at your local grocery store.

When grocers get deliveries, they have to pay a surcharge for fuel. Those surcharges have recently doubled from $500 to $1,100 a week in some cases because of high diesel costs.  

Consumers may start to notice paying more for milk, meat, and fresh fruit for example. Things aren’t much better on the agricultural side of things either. Farmers now have to shell out more to get diesel fuel for their field equipment. Steve McClain from the Kentucky grocers and convenience store association suggests keeping your eyes peeled for sales.

“I’ve seen milk on sale a couple of times in the last month. Certain cuts of meat have been on sale. Keep an eye on those sale prices, that’s how you can stretch your dollar a little bit, and make sure you’re getting good food to put on your table,” McClain said.

McClain says moving away from name brand products in favor of private brands like ‘Great Value’ for example can make a difference in your shopping total.

“A lot of those private label brand products are just as good as name brand. If that’s a way that you can stretch your dollar and the money that you have available for grocery shopping that week, that’s a good way to do that,” McClain said.

The number of shoppers going for private labels has gone from roughly 28 to 40%  in the last few months.