Sen. Rand Paul opposes vaccine mandates by companies


CALHOUN, Ky. (WEHT) – As the debate over vaccine and mask mandates continues across the country, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says vaccines should not be required to keep a job. 

Sen. Paul made his comments Wednesday morning in Calhoun, adding that students shouldn’t be required to wear masks while in school. It happens as Kentucky lawmakers discuss pandemic related bills including a senate bill that removes the state’s mask mandate in schools.

Several health care providers already require vaccines for their workers.

Sen. Paul said he’s not thrilled with businesses requiring them, even for those who recently tested positive.

“Think about all of the health care workers who’ve risked their lives taking care of COVID patients, got COVID themselves, and now they’re being insulted by their employers saying, ‘Oh, you can’t come back until you’ve been vaccinated?’ even though you’ve already got COVID? That’s not really obeying the science.”

Sen. Rand Paul

Last month, Sen. Mitch McConnell said businesses and the private sector should lead the way in vaccine requirements, and not federal or state governments.

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