Severe flooding near Ocean Front View Lane in Mt. Vernon



MT. VERNON, Ky. (WDKY) – Many areas of Mt. Vernon are dealing with severe flooding.

People who live in the area of Ocean Front View Lane said the water kept rising as rain fell Sunday, Feb. 28. It forced several families to evacuate their homes.

No one was hurt, but the damage to some of the homes is permanent and water is still blocking many people from returning home.

Brantly Stevens, who lives nearby, said he feels lucky his home is on a hill. He escaped the flooding, which he said is unlike any he has ever seen in the area. Stevens said he feels for the families who have lost their homes.

“I’ve been helping people all day,” Stevens said. “Earlier, somebody got stuck in one of the roads because of how high the water was and shut off their car, so I went and pushed them out.”

Many areas of Rockcastle County are impossible to get to, with roads in both directions covered by water.

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