STANTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Airbnb is on the hunt for the world’s craziest rentals, helping foot the bill to build them.

Recently, Airbnb launched the $10 Million OMG! Fund. The fund is giving 100 people $100,000 to turn their wildest ideas into actual Airbnb rentals.

In Kentucky, you can find several OMG! rentals. Airbnb host, Allison Mitchell, owns four tree houses at the Red River Gorge. Airbnb wants to see more one-of-a-kind rentals like hers, so if you’re an existing or aspiring DIYer, designer, or architect, you can apply.

Airbnb says ideas will be judged on originality, feasibility, sustainability, and the experience the property can give guests.

Mitchell says her rentals offer an off-grid experience but with modern amenities. Since listing on Airbnb nearly five years ago, she’s invested thousands of dollars into these tiny homes and recommends other hosts take advantage of the OMG! Fund, so they can take their Airbnb ideas to the next level.

“What guests want right now is a unique, fun experience. They want to be able to create memories,” said Mitchell. “It takes a lot of work. It’s been a struggle here and there, but overall, it’s worth it, and I say go for it.”

The deadline to apply is July 22nd. Winners will be announced this fall. The goal is to have the newly-constructed properties finished by 2023.

Hosting on Airbnb also provides powerful economic benefits. Last year, Kentuckians with unique Airbnb rentals earned more than $4 Million, which is an increase of over 175% from 2019. Mitchell’s earnings echo that total. She says each year she’s profiting thousands.

As a guest, to find that perfect rental, scroll through Airbnb’s OMG! collection. This makes it easier to discover listings in places you may not have otherwise looked. And that is where you can find Mitchell’s tree houses.

However, good luck trying to rent one. Mitchell says her properties are booked almost every weekend of the year.