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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – We have a crew in the Creekwood neighborhood of Bowling Green.

Families young and old live there, many of them are from eastern Europe.

One family we talked to lived through the unthinkable.

“Nothing, there’s nothing. Crying. I’m surprised she survived,” said Alma Bekan, whose mother’s house was destroyed in the tornado.

On Monday, Bekan took her mom to see what’s left of her house.

“She’s very shaky,” Bekan said.

It’s their first time seeing what’s left.

“This is all that’s left which you pretty much see just the foundation. The garage was here, the cars are totaled. I think that their room and closet was somewhere here. Can’t really tell,” Bekan said.

Bekan said her mom and brother hunkered down in a closet.

“They covered themselves with a blanket and some cushions. They prayed for the best,” Bekan said.

She said the tornado blew the house down.

“Once they came to, they were somewhere down here where our shed used to be, porch area which doesn’t exist anymore. My brother started looking around to see where my mom was. He started calling for her.. She did tap him,” Bekan said.

Bekan said her mother and brother ran to safety. They said their street is now unrecognizable.

“She’s lost, she doesn’t have anything, her whole life was here,” Bekan said.

A lot of folks, including Bekan’s mother, hid in closets in the interior part of their houses during the tornado. They said it’s what saved their lives.

The Warren County coroner said 15 people have died from the tornado there. He says search teams are still working, that number could climb.