Kentucky’s Electoral College representatives officially cast votes Monday


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – Kentucky’s eight electors are officially voting for the president and vice president Monday.

The meeting of the Electoral College is taking place inside the state capital in Frankfort.

The eight electors are meeting inside the state Senate chambers. Normally, they would be meeting in the Supreme Court chambers but, because of COVID-1919 concerns and to maximize social distancing, they are meeting in the Senate.

The meeting of the Electoral College follows the constitutional requirements and every state is doing basically the same thing, the electors choosing the president and vice president.

Secretary of State Michael Adams said on Friday that there were no problems with the presidential race in Kentucky. He said it was a clean and unquestionable election.

A lot of what is taking place inside the Senate chambers is very ceremonial, with the saying of the pledge of alliance, singing of My Old Kentucky Home, and then the eight electors casting their ballots.

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