Laurel County congregation gathers for first service since fire destroyed church


Members of a Laurel County congregation held their first Sunday Service since their church burned down.

A Sunday service with one overall theme of rebuilding the walls of their church on the ashes of their old one.

“We couldn’t salvage anything. It was just absolutely, totally, totally, destroyed,” said Pastor Todd Hignite.

Pastor Hignite stood in front of what’s left of his Laurel County Church, Winding Blade Holiness. Scraps of metal, wooden boards and the smell of smoke in the air still lingering after a fire destroyed the building early Wednesday morning.

“We’re going to rise from the ashes. We are going to rebuild our church, but we’ll have to do that as the funds come in, as they are provided.”

Donations that have been coming in from his congregation, and from friends and other churches across the state.

Even raising $7,000 during Sunday’s service.

“I’ve had several tell me, you know, Brother Hignite, the church is the people. I have honestly seen that this week. It ain’t the four walls, it ain’t the name of the door. It is the people.”

About 60 people who have gathered under a shelter on the church’s property. They brought their own chairs, they brought their own instruments, and most importantly to this congregation, they brought their faith and passion that they will rebuild.

“We’ve leaned on each other’s shoulders. We’ve cried, we’ve laughed, we’ve smiled at the memories we’ve had here over the last several years. It’s just been overwhelming the support we’ve had for each other.”

Church members say the building had been there since 1948.

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