Lexington doctor predicts mid-summer return to normalcy


More than 267,000 Kentuckians have been vaccinated so far, but that’s only a small percentage of people in the state.

Lexington’s Dr. Ryan Stanton says the past 12 months have been full of unrealistic expectations. “I am as guilty as anybody else and thinking that it was going to be done much sooner than this.”

Now, he’s optimistic as the vaccine is being injected into more and more arms.

“We’re going to start to see the numbers trend down slowly and then start to drop off significantly once we have more vaccines and vaccinated people,” he predicted.

The goal is to vaccinate one million people a day nationwide. “We’re getting there and so that will get us the sufficient numbers, if enough people select to get it, to have herd immunity by the middle of the year, by July or August.”

So far distribution has gone slower than expected because of the low supply. Fortunately Dr. Stanton believes that will change soon, as new vaccines are approved.

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