Lexington Fire Dept. reminds hikers of safety after dangerous rescue


The Lexington Fire Department is reminding hikers about safety after a dangerous rescue on Saturday.

The fallen hiker had potentially life-threatening injuries, officials said.

Teams of firefighters called the Technical Rescue Technicians had to hike back to the area, then rappel down to the victim.

“We call it a low-frequency, high-risk event,” Batallion Chief Jordan Saas said of hiking rescues. Rescuers are ready for when they do happen, though.

Crews are trained in several different scenarios like rope rescue, trench collapse, structural collapse, and large animal rescue.

They train every week to be prepared. Saturday’s rescue put that training into action.

The team had to hike two miles with equipment to get to the patient. Saas described it as “very efficient, very effective.”

He also said hikers should be prepared before they even head out: Have a fully-charged phone battery, a full water bottle, and never hike alone.

He added that no matter how experienced you are, Mother Nature can instantly make things more dangerous.

“If it was raining recently and the trails are known to be muddy when it rains, just avoid going out when those conditions are not ideal,” he advised. “We are always ready to answer the call 24/7/365.”

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