Lexington police department recruiting new officers


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – The Lexington Police Department has 65 vacancies. It’s hoping a new class of recruits will help fill a lot of those, but one sergeant says right now it is a tough climate to be a police officer.

The department has room for more than 600 sworn officers. Right now, they’re at 538. The recruiting coordinator says they sometimes have bigger classes than others.

“We’re usually somewhere between the 30-45 range. If you think about the hiring cycles within any department you have a lot of times where you have a lot of officers that you hire, and sometimes where you hire just a few,” said McKenzie Willoughby with Lexington police.

Nationally, there has been increased pressure on police departments, with marches last summer denouncing police violence.

Lexington Police Sgt. Donnell Gordon says right now is a difficult time to be a police officer. They have seen families be hesitant about having a loved one joining the force. But he says they’ve also seen appreciation from the public.

Willoughby said those national conversations have had an impact on their training and their recruiting.

“We want people to not only want to be the police, but also want to serve the community. I think we are doing a true disservice to our agency if we are not looking for people that are community oriented,” Willoughby said.

The application period for this latest class runs through April 13. You can find more information about that recruiting class at joinlexpolice.com.

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