Lexington’s “YoYo Artist” appears on FOX’s Game of Talents


A Lexington 7th grader made his TV debut on FOX’s Game of Talents Wednesday night. The series pits two teams of contestants against each other as they try and figure out hidden talents of the mystery performers.

It was a big stage for Stoney Mack, as known as “YoYo Artist.”

The Edythe J. Hayes 7th grader has an Instagram following 90,000 strong, which means within the walls of his middle school, Stoney is no doubt a celebrity.

“Yeah, it’s been a trip.”

Back in November, during a trip to Los Angeles, Stoney walked onto his biggest stage yet. Prime time on FOX where the YoYo Artist mesmerized the audience.

“I feel like I’m pretty decent for only yo-yoing for a year,” Mack said. “People say I’m pretty good for the amount of time I have been doing it so I’m satisfied with how good I am.”

Stoney says he got hooked on the spool about a year ago during a field trip. He started with the basics and is now mastering mind-blowing moves.

“I fell in love with it, showed a few tricks to my parents. They thought it was really cool and now, I’m here!” Mack said.

The 13-year old also has a clothing line and sells his own personalized yo-yo’s. You can follow him on Instagram here.

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