LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Lexington is known for horses, but what about horse yoga?

A Lexington-based horse feed mill is offering a new kind of nutrition. Hallway Feeds is offering ‘The Horse Yoga Retreat’, which they describe as “a destination experience designed for the most adventurous yoga enthusiasts.”

“Hallway Feeds proudly introduces The Horse Yoga Retreat — a destination experience designed for the most adventurous yoga enthusiasts. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is led by expert horse yoga gurus, Swampy, Vanilla Ice and AppleJack,” reads the Hallway Feeds website. 

Anthony Koch, director of sales and marketing at Hallway Feeds, said they wanted to offer something outside of the usual high-energy events surrounding horse racing and the Kentucky Derby.

“When we started to think about the derby people, getting worked up about the hustle and bustle … we thought this was a great way for people to still work with the horses but in a peaceful way,” said Koch.

According to the website, attendees will learn to master poses such as Downward Horse, Neighasana, Vajrahoove, and many others taught by Swampy, Vanilla Ice, or Applejack, but adapted for hooveless participants.

Koch said the horse yoga retreat is a unique Kentucky or even Lexington experience.

“Can you think of any other place that when everywhere else is throwing parties, a horse feed place would be offering to let people relax and enjoy the horses,” Koch said.

Hallway Feeds expect the yoga retreat to be a full day experience celebrating both horses and Lexington. A one-hour yoga session in the grass led by horses provided by Dan James, a tour of the Hallway Feeds, and a day full of Lexington food and treats.

Koch promised more than Kentucky’s finest sugar cubes with the retreat.

“We want to make this an upscale Kentucky experience,” Koch said. “This is an experience for people who love horses and the bluegrass.”

Koch said while the event is being promoted around Derby time it can be held anytime they have enough spots filled.

The retreat cost $5,000 and spots can be reserved at the Horse Yoga Retreat, or you can request a one-hour tour at the mill for between $20 and $30.

  • Via Hallway Feeds/VisitLex
  • Via Hallway Feeds/VisitLex
  • Via Hallway Feeds/VisitLex