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It was a week chalked with gun violence in the City of Lexington. There were five shootings in five days, the first shooting one week ago. Now, community activists are trying to help out.

“Sad. You know, I can use that one adjective, sad,” Anita Franklin, whose son Antonio was murdered a few years back, said. “For me this week has been so, listen to me I’m hoarse, exhausting; Exhausting because we’re constantly talking to people to try to keep the peace.”

She’s a bit discouraged after the recent string of violence that left two dead, two hurt and several others too close for comfort.

It started last Saturday morning with a man murdered at East Third and Race streets. Franklin held a peace walk that night on the east end of town. It wasn’t but a couple hours later there was gunfire at Fayette Mall, injuring one.

Sunday there was a murder on Versailles Road and the violence continued Monday and Wednesday with a suspected road rage shooting and shots fired at a gas station.

Franklin said, “You think about all the efforts we and the community are putting out there just educating and advocating about stopping the violence and the importance of people getting along and then for these senseless shootings it’s like are you listening?”

The violence, she says, just makes her want to work harder.

“You just have to pull up your boot straps and get back at it again.”

Police Chief Mark Barnard told WDKY in an interview Friday shootings are becoming more difficult to investigate because of the “no snitch mentality”. Franklin is calling on people to speak up in hopes it leads to people putting the guns down.

“Ultimately we don’t want any victims at all, but what we want is less than we had last year. I won’t stop. If we touch just one person then we’re on task,” she said.

Two arrests have been made in the Versailles Road murder. Persons of interest have been identified in the Race Street murder and the shooting at Thornton’s, according to police. WKYT is told the victim in the shooting at Fayette Mall knows the suspect and isn’t cooperating.