RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Spearheaded by Richmond Tourism Director Lori Tatum and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, “Light the Way” is an initiative this holiday season for homeowners and businesses to bring light, by way of decorations, to everyone in the community following several tragedies this past year.

Mendi Goble, the director of the Chamber of Commerce, has a personal connection to this initiative as she lost her son, father, and her best friends, the Hagers, all this year.

“We lost friends, the whole community lost friends. They lost entrepreneurs, they lost risk-takers, they lost people who made a difference in this community that gave to people and took care of people,” Goble said.

The biggest addition to Richmond’s Christmas lights this year is a new 17-foot-tall Santa statue that was purchased by assistant Madison County Attorney Rodney Davis and sits atop the Glyndon Hotel holding a sign that says “Light the Way Richmond.” They hope this will help encourage people to continue making a difference.

“Just like Chris and Gracie (Hager) did, be givers, do nice things for people and so that’s what we thought would be really cool this year,” Goble said.

And while many in Madison County have had a tragic year with loss, they’re staying optimistic of the future ahead as they honor those through Light the Way.

“We’ve lost a lot but there’s always a lot to be grateful for as well, and the way this community came together and were there for Carlie and for their family, it was amazing,” Goble said.

According to city leaders, community members will assist with the tree and courthouse decorating on Wednesday, alongside their teams from road, fire, and maintenance departments.