AMEN House handing out thousands of food boxes to people in need


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – The COVID-19 pandemic is claiming lives and livelihoods, making it difficult for some families to put food on the table.

AMEN House in Scott County is trying to help those families. Friday, they hosted a food give away.

It is the third food box giveaway that AMEN House has put on since the pandemic began, and it’s the biggest one as well. They say 2,400 boxes of food will be given out before the day is done.

“I think so many people are struggling and people who have never been in this situation before are facing food insecurities,” said Michelle Carlisle, AMEN House executive director. “In November itself, the Amen House saw 86 new households come and request food assistance. I can’t put into words the need we’re seeing in the community.”

Carlisle says people started lining up Friday at Suffoletta Pool in Georgetown well over an hour before the trucks arrived.

The food is being supplied by the USDA and Feeding America.

Carlisle says that people aren’t just out here to get food for themselves, they’re getting them for neighbors, other family members and they’re more than welcome too.

“I’ve already talked to one person this morning who was like, ‘Can I take one to my elderly neighbor? She can’t get over here,’” Carlisle said. “Oh my goodness, if you know a friend who’s at work today and they can’t get here; most definitely you can come and be that support for them as well.”

Carlisle says at previous events, where they handed out half this amount of food, they were working for about three hours so they plan to be out here at the pool for most of the day until all this food is gone.

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