LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – It’s another day of record temperatures in central Kentucky.

Lexington continues to look for ways to offer some relief. The Hope Center Emergency Shelter is relaxing its’ restrictions, making sure no one is turned away while conditions are at a dangerous level.

With temperatures well above 90 degrees can result in dangerous conditions. Lexington shelters are opening their doors.

“When it is hot outside instead of asking our clients to leave the property during the day we become one of the cities cooling centers and we are open 24 hours day so our clients can stay there and stay cool,” said development director Katie Vogel.

The Hope Mobile, a mobile outreach RV will be parking at a different downtown church each weekday.

“We generally see an increase in our numbers during extreme weather so obviously extreme heat, extreme cold, and right now we are seeing that extreme heat,” said Vogel.

Hope Mobile caseworkers provide lunch, water, and even sunscreen to ensure people have the necessities needed as the hot weather hits.

“The consumption of alcohol and we try to discourage that, especially being out there in this heat because it dehydrates the body and gives a false sense of security,” cases worker Charles Lindsay.

The hope center said they want people to know about additional city resources available during heat emergencies.

“I do vital signs if request them or if they look like they need their blood pressure taken or they neglect their care quite a bite,” registered nurse Mary Muth.

Lexingtonians can assist with contributions.

“If the community wants to help us respond to the need, please feel free to drop off bottled water and sandwiches so we can get them out to those who need them in the community,” Vogel said.

Items can be dropped off at the Emergency Shelter at 360 W. Loudon Ave. Monetary donations and bus passes are accepted as well.