Anderson County sees highest turnout of voters in state


ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – Clearly the election process is still panning out for other states, but in Kentucky, the numbers are in.

59% of registered voters took to the polls. President Trump dominated rural Kentucky, in the southern and eastern regions of the state. Urban areas, not so much, as Jefferson and Fayette Counties went blue.

The rural-urban divide in voters stayed true, mirroring the rest of the United States.

“What’s happening in Kentucky is an extension of the culture war raging across the country. Politics has become much more polarized in a way where we can see it on the maps very easily,” UK professor Dr. Stephen Voss said.

As for the highest number of voters heading to the polls? Anderson County takes that home with 70.55% of registered voters making their voices heard.

“The hype I guess, the commercials, everyone was excited,” Anderson County Clerk Jason Denny said.

Denny and his team came up with some new ideas, like their drive thru voting system, that they say contributed to the large turnout.

“We had 61.2% turnout by Monday night closing, and it was all through the drive-thru,” Denny said.

The clerk says he watched as voters poured into the clerk’s parking lot day in and day out, making the county the leader of the entire state.

“We thought outside the box and thought, ‘why won’t this work?’ Some of my friends said I was crazy and I thought maybe I am, but let’s give this opportunity for voters and from what we are hearing it went great and everyone loved it,” Denny said.

The county is now taking a close look at future plans, even considering a mobile voting booth for rural Kentucky.

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