Baptist Health Lexington avoids post-holiday surge with COVID-19 home recovery treatments


The chief medical officer at Baptist Health Lexington says they believe they’ve been able to avoid the expected post-holiday surge in part because of new treatments that allow COVID patients to recover at home.(WDKY)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Hospitals in Lexington had told us that they were concerned get-togethers around Christmas and New Year’s would lead to a surge in cases that could overwhelm them. So far, we’ve managed to avoid that.

The chief medical officer at Baptist Health Lexington says their numbers are similar to what they were seeing before Christmas, with 61 COVID-19 inpatients.

He believes part of the reason they’ve been able to keep the number of people hospitalized lower, is because they’ve developed more treatments that allow people to recover at home.

“Monoclonal antibodies infusion option is intended to keep some out of the hospital that prior to the availability of that we think some of those patients would’ve been admitted,” Dr. James Borders said.

Dr. Borders said another concern is public acceptance of that vaccine. Right now demand for the vaccine outweighs the supply, but he said there will likely come a point when there will be vaccine available, but some people may not want to take it.

“One could argue that really the only thing different between the research and roll out of the COVID vaccine versus the flu vaccine is the fact that the phases of research were simultaneous with the COVID vaccine and that’s allowed because of the federal money thrown at that research,” Dr. Borders said.

He believes with so many healthcare workers having received vaccine, with minimal side effects, it will build confidence for the general public.

Baptist Health told us so far they have administered more than 4,000 doses of that vaccine to their workers.

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