FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) – The timeless saying “never underestimate the power of a good haircut” was brought to life when a Frankfort barber decided to give free haircuts to senior citizens in his community.

Jordon Smith, owner of “I am Barber” studio in downtown Frankfort, has always been passionate about cutting hair, making it his career 10 years ago.

“It’s always been something I’ve been passionate about and enjoy doing,” said Smith.

Although providing a fresh haircut is the star of the show in Jordon’s career, he emphasizes it’s the conversations with clients that have the most lasting impact.

“A barbershop is a safe place for people to relax and open up,” said Smith. “I love all conversations whether its about something simple or something personal they feel they want to open up to me about.”

Jordon elaborated on the topic of “barbershop talk” by conveying its importance specifically in males’ lives.

“There’s always been that stigma that males aren’t allowed to open up about emotional things, they feel comfortable doing that in an old school barbershop setting,” said Smith.

The Frankfort-based barber said he always had a passion for the community and fostering relationships with young people, but when he got the chance to do the same with older generations, he couldn’t pass it up.

After being offered the opportunity by a friend, Jordon stopped by Dominion Senior Living in Frankfort on April 8 to cut some of the residents’ hair and participate in some ever-valued barbershop talk.

Jordon cutting the hair of a resident (Dominion Senior Living)

Employees at Dominion Senior Living said their residents enjoyed getting their haircut by Jordon and call him a friend.

Jordon hopes to continue giving back to his community, provide haircuts and meaningful conversations, and visit his friends at Dominion Senior Living.