Beagle recovering after being shot in backyard in Stanford

STANFORD, Ky. - Stanford Police are investigating after they say someone shot a family's dog in their backyard.

The DeWit family says their six-year-old beagle, Rusty, was shot sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, while he was tied up in their backyard along Portman Avenue.

"He just wants somebody to play with, somebody to pet him," Clarence DeWit said. "I said that's probably what got him where he was at, is they were able to get so close to him and not be afraid of him."

DeWit said he knew Rusty was hurt and something was wrong with him, but they did not know what until they took him to the vet. After he was shaved, they saw the entry and exit wounds, and doctors found some pieces of metal inside.

Police do not know who shot Rusty. They say they can tell by the way the bullet went in and came out that whoever shot Rusty had to have done it from close range, likely with a .22 caliber gun of some sort.

Rusty is recovering, thankfully, and seems to be in good spirits, despite everything that he's gone through.

If you have any information that can help police, you can call them at (606) 365-4525.

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