‘Big Tip Challenge’ helps struggling servers during COVID-19 pandemic



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A Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Lexington got a little extra love this weekend: More than $1,100 in extra love.

“It’s just kind of like paying it forward,” Jonathan Alexander said.

‘The Big Tip Challenge’ calls for people to tip restaurant servers far beyond what’s expected.

Alexander says the big tip challenge was something he saw on Facebook and was inspired to do in Lexington. That’s why he shared his own experience with it- to inspire others.

“Servers don’t make a lot of money, restaurants have been closed and it’s just been really hard on the servers,” he explained.

He says he actually started his day at Waffle House and tipped the waitress $300. He later went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Throughout his day, he says he was called to the right people; One of the servers lost her wallet that morning. The other lost her mom a few months ago.

Even though Alexander is the man in the videos, he doesn’t want the credit. The money came from donations after spreading the message on Facebook. He says the donation started pouring in.

Now he’s sending out the challenge to other people of Lexington.

“If you’re fortunate enough to be able to help somebody, do it. It’s an amazing experience.”

Alexander says he has other friends who are participating in the big tip challenge this week.

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