LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – While many people would be fixing Turkey, adding those extra chairs to the dining room table, and preparing for a feast, hundreds of people filed through the TSA line at Blue Grass Airport Thursday morning.

One worker at the airport estimated they saw about 400 passengers come through the TSA check early Thursday morning. We’re told that’s when most of the traveling of the day happened.

Some people headed to their holiday destination, and others like Steve and Jill Kaufman were heading home to Oregon.

“We were in visiting family in eastern Kentucky the past week or so, yeah, just headed home on Thanksgiving,” Steve said.

The Kaufmanns said they arrived in Kentucky about 10 days ago, looking to beat any travel rush on the way in, and now on the way out.

“Hoping things won’t be too crowded. Just have a chill travel day. Get home pretty early for west coast time,” Jill said.

TSA officials have said in preparing for this holiday weekend that they feel ready for whatever crowds they see, but they are asking for some patience especially now as people begin heading home after the holiday.

“Just as kind of a low fuss travel day. It takes us three flights to get back to central Oregon so the less that we have to deal with the better,” Jill said.

TSA officials suggest planning ahead and being prepared for a line just in case.