BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Some of the Graves County deputy sheriffs no longer have to drive their battered cruisers, or even their own cars, thanks to the Boyle County sheriff. He donated four cruisers to the Graves County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s a major gift from Danville to Mayfield. Two towns that used to be major rivals in high school football, but now they’re on the same team.

Boyle County Sheriff Derek Robbins learned how the tornado took a tragic toll on the Graves County Sheriff’s Office, “because they accidentally topped a hill, and ran right into the tornado, took the windshield out and destroyed the car.”

Other deputies suffered the same fate, in fact, some were driving their personal cars on patrol.

“I was like, man, we have those cars that the SRO’s had, were not using them, we are not going to get anything out of them,” Robbins said.

Suddenly a plan formed to deliver four cruisers to Mayfield that Robbins admits the office in Danville never should have still had.

“Honestly it is a fluke. I should have gotten rid of those a long time ago,” Robbins said.

Danville and Mayfield are about 220 miles apart but the towns do share a bit of a connection. They frequently played for state titles in the 1990s. Robbins was on several of those teams.

“We played them my sophomore year, played my junior year,” Robbins said.

Back then it was a rivalry, now through this act of good will, they’re all on the same team.

“It’s pretty neat. I probably wouldn’t know where Mayfield was if not for my history with football in there,” Robbins said.

Robbins said it was an emotional moment when those cruisers rolled into Mayfield.

The Boyle County Sheriff said the Danville community quickly donated numerous items they were able to deliver to the town of Mayfield on Monday.