DANVILLE Ky. (FOX 56) — The Boyle County Detention Center recently hit a huge milestone.

Their re-entry program has received a perfect score on the program audit. It’s a first for Kentucky.

Jerry Nofsinger is an inmate at the Boyle County Detention Center. He’s part of the center’s re-entry program, which recently earned a perfect score on the program audit from the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Through the program, Nofsinger is set to graduate in July. 

“I’m extremely thankful. When I was out on the streets, I made a lot of mistakes. We dive into them in this program, we get in the depth where our problems are at. Most of the time, we find out that it’s in our thinking,” Nofsinger said.

The idea to bring the re-entry program to this center came from Boyle County jailer Brian Wofford. This is his first term, and he’s already seeing success not only through the re-entry program’s ranking but in the inmates themselves.

“I ran 4 years ago on the platform that re-entry and mental health were programs that needed to be offered in the community. So far, we’ve had success. I have a fiscal court that supports it, and a community that supports our mission,” Wofford said.

The goal of the program is to give inmates a second chance through vocational training programs, educational opportunities, and spiritual guidance. Chaplain and re-entry program coordinator James Hunn says he sees the inmates making strides daily, and he couldn’t be prouder to play a role.

“My favorite quote is ‘their current situation doesn’t have to be their final destination’. You can take tools, get your life back. I believe in recovery, and they do recover.  I keep telling them, stay the course,” Hun said.

The center’s Substance Abuse Program (SAP) also received a perfect score recently, adding to a successful term for this detention center.