DANVILLE Ky. (FOX 56) — Strange postcards are being found in the mailboxes of Boyle County homeowners, urging them to call a certain number to discuss mortgage payments. A magistrate is saying, avoid calling at all costs.

Boyle County magistrate Tom Ellis received a postcard reverencing a 2002 mortgage on his home. While the letter looks convincing, Ellis said the fact that he did not have a 2002 mortgage on his home was a red flag. The postcard includes a phone number to contact about a “time-sensitive issue”. After asking around, he discovered that other Boyle County residents have received the same postcard.

“The first thing I did was contact a couple of friends across the county. One of them is in his late 20s, he’d gotten them same card. Then I called LifeLock which is one of those things we’re doing to protect ourselves these days. They said, it’s a darn good thing you didn’t call that number, because it is indeed a scam,” Ellis said.  

Ellis said no one has reported falling victim to the scam in Boyle County, but throughout the nation, the scam could result in stolen titles, or new loans taken out in the person’s name.

“What we want to do is alert the public anywhere in Kentucky. Apparently, this is going on in other parts of central Kentucky. If they send it to us, and I have already discovered 2 others in our County, it’s going to be a pretty broad spectrum all across the state,” Ellis said.

Anyone who finds one of these post cards should contact their county courthouse to report it, and to always be cautious of dialing unfamiliar phone numbers.