LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The pandemic and bitter cold temperatures are just a few things creating challenges for local non-profits. The Catholic Action Center in Lexington is asking for the public’s help to reverse what current conditions are doing to their mission.

As the omicron variant runs rampant and a wave of snow and bitterly cold temperatures dumps in the area, the Catholic Action Center in Lexington is having to work around the roadblocks.

The pandemic means volunteers can no longer be plentiful in the building, and the center is in desperate need of supplies like hand warmers and sleeping bags.

Despite all these setbacks, Catholic Action Center director and co-founder Ginny Ramsey said the community has been excellent about donating much-needed items.

“A lot of people have been going online and ordering them and sending them to us which is perfect because they come in new, and we can share new ones with our police department and sheriff’s office,” Ramsey said.

These first responders then deliver these items to people in need that they come across. While the situation is dire, those with the catholic action center say the community has been pulling through for over 2 decades, and they’ll do it again.

“We like to add that there’s a third basic need, and that’s to be loved. To be cared for. To be part of something bigger than themselves is called community. That’s Lexington,” Ramsey said.