WINCHESTER, Ky. (FOX 56) – Students in Clark County had an unexpected day off when a large number of bus drivers called out sick. Which forced the school system to announce a non-traditional instruction day.

“Just been some problems with safety on the bus been brewing and we got to sit down and talk about it to the superintendent. She is very supportive of us,” said driver Greg Gukeisen.

Dr. Molly McComas, Superintendent for Clark County Board of Education, told FOX 56, that she called the NTI day so she could meet with the drivers to discuss their concerns. Which included pay rates and bus overcrowding.

Drivers said they also have safety concerns.

One parent told FOX 56 her daughter witnessed an enraged parent driving toward a bus in a dispute that could have resulted in her child being injured.

“A lot of safety issues on the bus, you know, just threats that were made to the other drivers from students just had to be addressed,’ said Gukeisen.

Driver Gukeisen said today’s meeting was productive and drivers now feel their concerns are being addressed.


“When you feel like you’re not being heard sometimes you have to do things to make people hear it,” said Gukeisen.

He believes things will get better.

“Our Superintendent Mrs. McComas was very open, very understanding and she has made all kinds of groups that are investigating and looking into things making things better,” said Gukeisen.