Clark County school using infrared scanners at basketball games


CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – If you head to any Clark County basketball games this season, you’ll notice a new and faster way of having your temperature taken.

When you first walk through the doors at George Rogers Clark High School, you won’t have your temperature taken with a handheld thermometer. Instead, you’ll stand on a red square, look into the infrared scanner, and be cleared to enter the building.

The new technology is designed to use thermal imaging to read your temperature. Assistant Principal Daren Snell says every school in the district got two units of the scanners at the start of the school year.

It cost a little less than half a million dollars to outfit the whole district.

Snell says they’re able to scan people in a matter of seconds, right at the front door so there’s no chance someone with a fever could get inside.

There are employees who monitor the cameras that show when someone is standing in front of the sensor to have their temperature taken. If your temperature is too high, the machine puts a red box over your face on the screen. Then those monitoring the cameras are alerted.

The school has a portable scanner, as well. It will be used for basketball games, to quickly get people in the door.

“It’s the first level of defense against someone coming in the school who may have COVID, or even just the flu. I don’t see this going away after the COVID thing is over. I see us continuing to use this technology,” Snell said.

If you do show a fever on the scanners, you won’t be allowed in for basketball games.

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