Confusion continues over when people still have to wear masks in public


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Last week, Governor Andy Beshear announced changes to Kentucky’s mask mandate.

For unvaccinated people, nothing really changed. However, for people who are vaccinated, whether or not you’ll need to wear a mask will really depend on where you’re going.

The change made it so people who are fully vaccinated no longer have to wear masks inside of most venues and businesses unless that place requires it.

Private businesses are still able to ask their employees and customers to wear a mask if they choose. Looking at the large national retailers, that policy depends on where you’re going.

Costco, Target and Walmart do not require masks for vaccinated people. Meijer and Kroger do.

[Which stores require masks? Which don’t?]

There’s also a large category of places where masks are still required for everyone. Those include hospitals and public transit.

There’s really no way to know if someone who isn’t wearing a mask is actually vaccinated.

Doctors tell us, for vaccinated people, being in public the risk is minuscule, but for those who are unvaccinated, you’re taking a chance if you’re out among people who aren’t wearing masks.

“I think if you’re vaccinated there’s not anything serious that’s gonna happen. You can potentially get Covid if you’re vaccinated. But, that usually consists of the sniffles and a runny nose,” said Dr. Mark Dougherty, Baptist Health. “Basically, the vaccine turns it into a mild cold. So, it’s not you if you’re vaccinated that’s going to bear the brunt of any adverse consequences. It’s whoever’s unvaccinated.”

Restaurants are another category where it just depends on the business.

Some of them still require masks as you come in, obviously, you can take them off once you start eating. Some of them have told us they don’t require any masks for the customers, they’re just trusting that people who are coming in unmasked are vaccinated.

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