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One man is dead after a shooting in Lexington.

According to the Lexington Police Department, the shooting happened around 3 a.m. at the corner of Winchester Road and Hillcrest Drive.

The Fayette County coroner said the victim was Demonte Washington, 28. The coroner confirmed he was shot and killed by someone else.

It comes as no surprise to neighbors down the street. “This is the third shooting here in a couple of months,” one neighbor said. “Sometimes it sounds like two or three shots a night sounds like a lot, but in this neighborhood that’s just common place.”

Some say they’re worried about their kids playing outside. “We don’t come outside. We play in the backyard. We make sure we don’t ever play out front. It’s kind of a dumb thing around here.”

But they say the shootings don’t involve the neighbors themselves. Many people we talked to believe the nightlife is to blame.

That’s why they’re begging for more police in the area.

“I think that with everything that’s going on, we don’t have enough protection. We need to be protected from the people who are out here doing these things,” the neighbor said.