LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas leaves many parents there and across the country wondering how to make sense of it, and how to talk about it with their children.

Daniel Lee, owner of Counseling Associates of Kentucky in Lexington, said it can be difficult to process such a tragedy for anyone, especially for children.

Lee said you’ll want to limit young children from watching videos or listening to sounds of the shooting continuously on TV or on social media.

He said it’s important for children to seek comfort and support from those closest to them whether that be a parent or a faith leader, and he said above all else it’s important to let children know that their feelings are valid and being heard.

“Sometimes as a parent, our natural tendency is to want to shield our children and sometimes try to tell them that they’re not feeling what they’re feeling, but it’s important to allow them to express their feelings and know that it’s not wrong for them to feel the way they feel but then help them to understand why they’re feeling the way they feel, and then as much as you can create an environment that allows them to feel safe and trusted and know that they can always come to you as a parent to talk about whatever they’re feeling,” said Daniel Lee, owner Counseling Associates of Kentucky.

Lee also said it’s important to discuss with your child some of the ways that they are safe, what can be done to make them feel safer, and express that they are loved to help them through their feelings of fear or confusion.

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