Crews clear downed trees from Jackson Co. roads


JACKSON COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – People living in Jackson county have been struggling for days.

“Power went out sometime Monday and then the water went out Tuesday,” said Allen Clemmons, who has no electricity or water.

Allen Clemmons and his family have been managing to get by with a generator, but having no water has been a big headache.

“I spent most of the day yesterday melting snow so we could have enough water to wash dishes and wash ourselves off. We’ve been bringing water up from the pond so we can flush the commode,” Clemmons said.

That’s where the Bluegrass Emergency Response Team comes in. Firefighters, police, and emergency personnel from 11 counties were called in to assist.

“Today about 40 members here. They’re here to do the storm response or debris removal from roadways that haven’t been accessed,” said Dustin Heiser with the Bluegrass Emergency Response Team.

The goal is to clear the roads so power crews can get to those without electricity.

In addition to removing trees, the response team is doing welfare checks to make sure people are doing okay.

“Make contact with each person make sure they’re doing okay, see if they need food, see if they need water, see if they need heat,” said Jamie Strong with Jackson County Emergency Management.

Clemmons was happy to see the team. He says without their help, it would have been hard moving past three winter storms in one week.

“Three winter storms like that in one week is unprecedented… we were kind of prepared for the winter. We got firewood and little bit of kerosene and gasoline but nothing for this. This was just unprecedented. It looks like a war zone around here,” Clemmons said.

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