LEXINGTON, Ky (FOX 56) – Now you don’t have to travel far if you want to train with the Guru.

Dale Robinson, father of former Kentucky wide receiver drafted to the NY Giants as the 43rd overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, has opened up his second Guru Fitness location.

“It meant everything to see it come to fruition,” Dale Robinson said. “It was a lot of hard work but I fully understand that sometimes your dream isn’t just for you. Sometimes it’s for other people, so it’s great because that’s what Guru Fitness is built on-people and building relationships.”

Fitness is a family formula in the newly opened gym in Lexington. For brothers Dale and Roni Robinson, their work at Guru fitness is fraternal.

“It’s great to have my brother here,” Guru Fitness Founder Dale Robinson said. “We played sports together in high school, but we both didn’t have the best upbringing. So we try to give these kids something you can’t get in a book so they don’t go down the same road we went.”

Their road included a combined twenty years in prison between the two brothers. Dale was sentenced to fifteen years for drug trafficking charges and his younger brother Roni Robinson, was sentenced to ten years for armed robbery. With the felony charges, it made it difficult for life once they were outside of those walls.

“It was rough,” Dale’s brother and Just Grind Founder Roni Robinson said. “I was trying to get into school but the Kentucky State president wasn’t having it with me being a high profile athlete. He said he couldn’t risk me disturbing the normal student body so I had to sit out.”

“No gym in Lexington would hire me because I had to check that box of me being a convicted felon, but that did me a favor.”

It taught the Robinson brothers that there is strength in numbers.

“He was writing me from the penitentiary telling me what he [Dale] was going to do,” Roni Robinson said. “Every letter started with proverbs. After he got out I was there for support for anything he wanted to do. At the time I had a little bit of money, so I’d help, but he was always focused.”

“When I was in prison some kids asked me to train them,” Dale said. “I said no but then they begged me for a week and I finally did it and I never stopped training since.”

Dale had a dream, and three people helped make it a reality. Guru Fitness first started in Dale’s garage. However, when business picked up, he rented out a space in Frankfort, KY to open his first location.

Now, the Guru has opened his second state-of-the-art gym, with his brother, Roni Robinson, by his side training some of the best athletes in Central Kentucky,

“We never envisioned this,” Dale Robinson said. “It’s just how God places things in your life, and I’m truly a believer of when you start dancing, people start dancing with you.”

“I trusted him,” Roni Robinson said. “He’s been my best friend. Whatever his dream was, I was with it.”

At this gym, the workouts mean more because each rep is a new opportunity.