Danville residents honor lost loved ones in annual vigil


The Danville chapter of the Compassionate Friends organization hosted its annual Worldwide Candle Lighting vigil on Sunday to help parents, siblings, and grandparents dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Each year on the second Sunday of December, chapters around the world light candles to symbolize that a child or loved one's light will always shine.

Jamie Thomas Bright with the organization said it's an important event, especially around the holidays. Bright's daughter, Danielle Thomas, was murdered several years ago. Bright said event like this help her to not feel alone.

"I'm six years out and it has only been in the last couple of years that I've been able to say Merry Christmas, but knowing that I'm not alone, that there's people all over the United States and the world, at 7 p.m. their local time, that they're lighting a candle in memory of all of our children, who were taken too soon, it helps," said Bright.

The organization said the event continues to grow each year. They offer other support resources throughout the year.

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