Delivery driver credited with saving family from fire


SOMERSET, Ky. - A Donatos Pizza delivery driver is being called a hero after a family says he helped two in Somerset escape a fire.

Ralph Letner says he was not supposed to be working late Sunday night when he saw the fire.

“We got kind of busy, so I stayed around the store. I was supposed to leave at 10 p.m.,” Letner said.

He went to deliver a pizza to Ringgold Trailer Park, which is when he saw the emergency situation. He ran in and shut down the breaker, but the homeowner...Jesse Decker...still didn't want to leave.

“I ask that lady if there was anyone inside that house. She said there was a man inside trying to put the fire out. He didn't want to leave that house," Letner said, " So I got down on my hands and knees. Smoke was everywhere. I made my way back into his kitchen and got him to go out his back door.”

Decker says Letner's actions helped save his home, and no one was hurt because of his actions.

“Oh he's a hero. He is a hero," Decker said.

Letner would not give himself the distinction, but he says his parents gave him the guidance to do what he did Sunday night.

“I have a beautiful wife and two kids at home," Letner said, "I have to make sure I keep myself safe for them, but my parents raised me to make sure that if there is something in need, you have to help someone, put your life on the line.”

Somerset firefighters worked the extinguish the flames. It is believed to be an electrical fire.

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