EKU sets up online donation fund to preserve marching band after budget cuts


Efforts are being made to save the marching band program at Eastern Kentucky University from being cut.

The beloved “Marching Colonels” program was one of many programs cut due to reduced state funding, increased pension obligations and a decline in tuition revenue.

"President Benson is doing a lot to help us and I know that it's really hard for the board of regents and the president to cut funding,” EKU freshman Matthew Baldwin said. “But I know they had to do it and it's just really hard to see that happening where I go to school."

Baldwin said he has been part of a marching band since high school and had hopes of joining the Marching Colonels.

"I was upset obviously because I was going to do it next semester,” he said.

For Baldwin and many others there is now hope for a version of the band to survive.

In a recent letter on behalf of President Michael Benson, it was announced a fundraising effort has been established to raise enough money to keep a portion of the band.

The letter states if $250,000 is raised, every effort will be made to keep the program.

If not, band majors will be able to volunteer to play in the university's pep band, which would not play at football games.

"I'm not sure if the money will come back for the marching band or not,” Baldwin said. “But, I hope that there could be some sort of club that we could play music for the games."

Link to fundraiser:

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