Electric scooter rentals available in Lexington on Tuesday



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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – There’s a new way to get around downtown Lexington! Lime is launching electric scooters.

Starting Tuesday, you’ll see 360 electric scooters around Lexington. Lime brought the bikes to town Monday, showing them off to potential riders.

“There’s plenty of trips that I’d either ride a bike or do something that this would be totally fun to jump on,” Rider Ross Boggess said.

City leaders here approved an ordinance this past summer to try and prevent accidents on the electric rides. Rules include staying off the sidewalks, only riding on the streets, obeying traffic laws, and parking in designated areas.

“We want to protect the pedestrians, we also want to protect our riders and everybody else in the city,” Lime’s Kentucky Operations Manager Adam Bolin said.

To rent one of these scooters you need to get Lime’s app on your smartphone. That’ll help you find a ride, unlock it and get going.

“We’re speed-limited in the city to 15 miles per hour, so they’re not going to go any faster than that,” Bolin said. “Bicycles will actually move faster than that as well. Luckily for us and for the ridership, Lexington does have a very good infrastructure as far as bike lanes and the bike boxes and those will all be used the same as a scooter.”

The scooters will only work inside New Circle Road. Lime plans on introducing another 40 scooters to the fleet, making the total 400.

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