Exantus Trial: Suspect's ex-fiancé tearfully recalls finding out about stabbing death

The defense's first witness is Lauren Burgess, who was Exantus' fiance at the time of the stabbing.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) - Ronald Exantus, the accused killer of Logan Tipton, 6, is back in court Tuesday as his murder case enters its third day.

Exantus is accused of murdering Tipton in a Dec. 7, 2015, break-in at the boy's Versailles home. Tipton was stabbed to death with a butcher knife. The defense has argued Exantus suffers from mental illness and does not dispute he killed Tipton.

During day two of the trial, jurors heard Exantus' interview with police. A detective asked what made Exantus stab Tipton, and his response was the ABC television show "Grey's Anatomy."

Tipton's father testified a day earlier. He said he left their door unlocked because his wife was working third shift and recently broke her key.

The trial was put on hold for a week because of scheduling conflicts.

The state' chief medical examiner Dr. William Ralston was the first witness to take the stand Tuesday. He described the brutal nature in how Tipton died.

Ralston testified that Tipton had multiple injuries over his head, neck and back. He was also stabbed in the jugular vein. Logan would die minutes later because of blood loss.

The Commonwealth's last witness was one of the first police officers to arrive at the scene of the stabbing.

The defense's first witness is Lauren Burgess, who was Exantus' fiance at the time of the stabbing. She dated the suspect for three years.

Burgess was extremely emotional on the stand, describing changes in Exantus' behavior the week before he stabbed Tipton to death.

Police in Indiana went to her home following Tipton's death, because she said Exantus told police he killed her as well.

"They said they only came because Ron had said he had killed me," Burgess testified while in tears.

We will continue to provide updates on the case as the day continues.

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