LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Major roadway construction in Lexington is underway this week. If you’re traveling on Lansdowne Drive or Redding Rd., you’ll notice the roads will be stripped.

“Two inches of milling, then two inches of paving,” Bryan Beasley, project manager for Lexington Streets & Roads said.

Beasley said the city had to wait for the winter weather to break, and typically around March and April is when they will start major roadway projects.

Last week, Beasley said they opened the hot asphalt plants, and started planning what major areas needed to be repaired first.

Beasley said the city uses a system called, “Road Care,” to assess areas, and Lansdown Drive and Redding Road were first selected.

Beasley also said taking the city’s event schedule into account was a factor, as well as the time they will concentrate per area, to make sure they’re hitting it as few times as possible.

“It’s sort of, kind of “rip the Band-Aid off” as opposed to easing it off by doing construction here say on Lansdowne the first of March then starting in June to work in the same area, we’re trying to get all those areas, within the same time period, so the residents aren’t experiencing delays throughout the course of the year, go ahead and get that inconvenience out of the way at once,” Beasley said.

Beasley said the road repairs should wrap up on Monday and are expected to last about 15 years.

Bimini Road is also currently under construction.

Next up, Beasley said Tates Creek Road will be repaired.