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BATH COUNTY, Ky.  – Family and friends of a woman missing since July say they believe remains found Monday are hers.

Kentucky State Police were back at that property off of US 60 on Tuesday.

The remains were found behind a tree that had been cut down..

The property owner told FOX 56’s Victor Puente they were clearing a hillside with a bulldozer when they made the discovery.

For friends of Bobby Jones and Crystal Warner, it could be the end of a search that started in July, when the couple went missing.

Jones’ body was found near the interstate in Clark County in August.

The man police say killed Jones and Warner, Craig Pennington, faces two counts of murder. Troopers say he was renting a home from the couple in Washington County.

A fraternity brother of Jones’ who searched that area said everything they’ve seen has led them to believe it is Warner.

“From everything we’re hearing from the family they believe it is anyway,” said Ty Brown. “We haven’t got confirmation on that but we’re hopeful that it is so at least they can move to the next step in the healing process.”


Searchers had been near the area where these remains were found within the past few weeks. They say with the remains being on private property they never saw them.

“That’s why we, at one point in time we were asking people in that area to check their property thoroughly to see if there was anything,” said David Rader. Rader had helped Warner’s family search for her.

Warner’s mother said she was waiting for official confirmation, but she believed it was her daughter. Friends say they hope it is too.

“There going through some hard times dealing with it and it’s brought a lot of stress to their families and this again has to be a relief to some degree once we are sure it is her,” Brown said.

The Bath County coroner said that identification could come Wednesday.