Family claims shooting at Laurel Co. ATV park was self-defense

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) - Family members of a man charged with attempted murder say he was acting in self-defense when he shot a man on Saturday afternoon at a Laurel Co. ATV park. The suspect's wife was also injured in the shooting.

Dallas Music, 29, of Floyd County, is charged with attempted murder, assault, tampering with evidence, and six counts of wanton endangerment.

Investigators say Music got into an argument with another man after some trash was thrown into a creek. Deputies said Music shot six times into the air, then fired more shots later when they met up again, hitting his wife once and a Lancaster man three times.

But family members there at the time dispute investigators' account, saying it leaves out a big part of what they claim actually happened - that Music was attacked, and he fired those shots to save his life.

"My brother is not a killer," said Kayla Music, Dallas' sister. "He would never intentionally hurt someone."

Kayla Music said someone in another group at the park called her out for littering after she threw a Red Bull can into the creek. Family members said they picked it up to avoid a confrontation, but the other people would not let it go.

"They're coming toward my husband," recalled Brittany Music, Dallas' wife. "They're going to gang up on him and start whooping him."

Brittany Music said her husband grabbed his gun from the glovebox of the side-by-side, fired two warning shots in the air to try to diffuse the situation, and then they left the area. But they said the others followed them, and one man attacked her husband from behind.

"He looked like he was possessed by the devil," Music said. "His teeth were gritted, his eyes were just like a monster, and he had a rock in his hand and he hit him with all he had."

Music said as the two men struggled, her husband fired a shot around his back, missing the man and hitting her in the arm. She said the two men fell to the ground fighting, and that is when her husband shot the man three times.

Both gunshot victims were flown to the University of Kentucky Medical Center, investigators said. Brittany Music said she is recovering from the gunshot wound to her arm, although she does not have much movement in it. She said she may have to undergo surgery. The condition of the other man is not known.

Family members say Dallas Music cooperated with investigators, and he did not tamper with evidence by throwing out the gun - they said it fell out of their ATV when they got stuck in the mud. He was arrested without his shirt because he had given it to his wife to stanch the blood from her arm, Brittany Music said.

Dallas Music pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Monday morning in Laurel Co. District Court. Bond has been set at $100,000 cash. Court officials said Music is not allowed to have any contact with the gunshot victims; family members say that includes his wife.

Family members say they have been living a nightmare since Music's arrest. They said he is not a monster, but is a good man who does a lot for their family and takes care of their kids while his wife, a nurse, is at work.

"This has totally destroyed my family," Kayla Music said. "If my brother gets prison time out of it, I don't know how we're going to make it. He doesn't deserve this."

Music is due back in court May 22 for a preliminary hearing.

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