Family Wants Closure After Two Charged in Connection to Son’s Death



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Just this week prosecutors charged Morgan Dixon and David Spoonamore with abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence following an overdose death in Rockcastle County earlier this year.

“I guess I just had to actually hear that doctor say your child is dead before I’m going to believe it and then we just all fell apart. There went our world,” Samantha Price said of her son Sunday. All this Pulaski County mom has left of her only son are memories.

“This was it. This was home,” she explained looking around her yard. “You sit and you listen, think he’s coming in the driveway and he’s not, think he’s coming in the house and he’s not.”

Her son is Jerry Price. She has a memorial for him in her yard. That’s where his daughter hung out Sunday, holding a toy he’d bought her. Police say Jerry Price overdosed this April.

“He had been into drugs for years, probably 16 years,” Price said.

“There’s just something stronger than that person, stronger than they are pulling them back,” Jerry’s wife, Amanda, said.

According to court documents, earlier this year Jerry Price drove with Morgan Dixon and David Spoonamore to Madison County to buy drugs. Documents say at some point Price overdosed and the pair drove around with him for hours before returning to Rockcastle County.

Documents go on to say Price had grass on his face, in his eyes, nose and mouth when his body was found in the back of his minivan. Witnesses reported seeing his body being dragged around.

“I talked to David Spoonamore myself and he told me he loved him, and I said then why did you let him die? I said, you could have took him to a hospital and thrown him out and left him. That’s all you had to do,” Price explained.

Family, right now, is figuring out how they move on.

“We fight every day trying to find some closure.”

Dixon and Spoonamore will be in court Monday morning.

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