LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Father Jim Sichko is known for spreading compassion and helping others. Now, it’s the people impacted by this month’s tornadoes.

Before taking off for Christmas at the Vatican, he shared how bourbon and a basketball could help the relief effort.

“First of all my heart is broken and also with the understanding that could have been any of us you know at any moment,” Father Jim said.

Moments like these are what Father Jim knows are important times to help others.

While recovering from surgery, he was moved by the tornadoes that ravaged parts of Kentucky.

“I am bringing the Holy Father some great gifts that I hope he will give back to me,” Father Jim said.

Those gifts include one of the most sought-after bourbons, Old Fashioned Vintage 1995, and something any UK fan would love—a UK basketball signed by Coach John Calipari.

“My hope if really to bring those items back with pictures showing that the Holy Father had received them and gave them back to me. I would like to find a place that would be able to auction them off to raise money for the victims of the tornadoes in western Kentucky,” Father Jim said.

Father Jim hopes with the Pope’s blessing, those Kentucky prized possessions would turn into help for the Kentuckians who most need it.

“You have to remember this is going to be marathon, not a sprint for them, as far as recovery. It is my hope that this will aid financially but also provide means for them,” Father Jim said.

We’ll follow up with Father Jim on Wednesday following his meeting with Pope Francis.