Fayette Co. parents prepare for in-person instruction to resume for grades K-2


After around 11 months of NTI, some elementary school students in Fayette County will be able to head back into the school building tomorrow.

While the day’s exciting, it could also be confusing or overwhelming for some who have become accustomed to the virtual format.

“He will be fine he’ll be like bye mom, see you later, love you,” says Nicole Bersaglia.

Bersaglia’s son is about to take on his first full day of kindergarten at Liberty Elementary.

“Of course it is his first time going to real school so I ordered him a really cute backpack and lunch box from pottery barn with his initials and all those things and it’s just been sitting here waiting for him to use it,” Bersaglia says. While excitement is high, day one could bring challenges.  Many students will have to get acclimated to a full day in the building after around 11 months of NTI.

“I tried to prepare him for how tired he’s going to be tomorrow afternoon because you can’t you know log off your zoom and come over and lay on the couch a little bit if you’re tired,” Bersaglia says.

Bersaglia says in-person classes start earlier, so they’ve been implementing stricter bedtimes.

Plus, she says the school sent videos parents and children can watch together, demonstrating lunchtimes and how they’ll switch from one class to another.

As for how Bersasglia will feel on her son’s big day?

“I’ll probably shed a tear, you know it’s your first baby going to kindergarten for a full day for the first time, so I’m sure the emotions will hit me,” Bersaglia says.

The return to in-person instruction in Fayette County was scheduled for last week but was delayed due to the winter weather.

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