Fayette Co. Schools presented student test scores that dropped during COVID and remote learning


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Some symptoms of the COVID-19 pandemic are just now emerging like its impact on education.

In a Fayette County school board planning meeting officials presented Measures of Academic Progress or “MAP” test scores for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. It’s a computerized test that measures what a student knows and hat they are ready to learn.

After a year of empty school buildings and learning from home, there was a drop in students’ scores.

“We did expect to see that coming out of COVID, so it’s no surprise,” Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence President and CEO Brigitte Blom Ramsey said.

For example, data showed kindergartners dropped from 183 to 157 in reading and from 165 to 161 in math.

But, Fayette County school board members said there are other areas in which students grew learning from home that can’t be measured by a test.

“I hear from parents, ‘my kids know how to make a lunch, my kids know how to make a breakfast, my kids know how to go from a Zoom to a this to a that,” School Board Member Stephanie Spires said during the meeting. “So, our kids were learning, they were learning differently.”

So now Kentucky school districts turn their focus to catching up in other areas.

It’s something that the Blom Ramsey said is going to take entire communities to reach an A+.

“COVID was a significant impact on education and so we can’t expect to turn that around quickly,” Blom Ramsey said. “It’s going to take time and persistence, and it requires not just our school districts but our communities being part of this process as well through the summer months and into the next year and into the next few years.”

In the effort to get back on track, Blom Ramsey encourages parents to spend time reading and playing math games with kids this summer and moving forward.

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